Seeking Shared Success


The challenges of the recent financial downturn inspired many community foundations to find new paths to business model innovation. Alliances, affiliations, and mergers offer an intriguing way to innovate and change the business model equation. While cost savings may seem a reasonable motivation to engage in structural changes there are other benefits to consider. Specifically, new structures can offer a way to leverage expertise, promote philanthropy, and amplify community leadership and program strategy.

Learn how alliances, affiliations, and mergers offer a path to enhanced sustainability and greater impact for community foundations. Read perspectives from community foundation leaders, access tools to help you consider a new structure, and learn from the experience of others through case studies from six community foundations.

“Seeking Shared Success: Business Model Innovation through Mergers, Affiliations, and Alliances” is a partnership between the Council on Foundations’ Community Foundations Leadership Team and CF Insights and can be accessed by clicking here.

Watch an in-depth introduction to Seeking Shared Success report and tools here.